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Garage Door Summer Plans Part I

Summer is just around the corner! Flowers in bloom will give off sweet scents, oranges and tangarines will begin to appear. Hummingbirds will come to soak up the sweet nectar of all of the blossoming things. Birds will chirp, the sunlight will last forever, and sunsets will be glorious. Noontime will be naptime because the summer sun is punishing and it’s best to stay indoors and hide from its rays.

It is the time of year for barbecues, cookouts, and cookoffs, the time for block parties and pool parties and beer parties. Time for dancing and racing and jumping off of things into bodies of water. Time for music to waft through the early evening air, time for people to play guitar in the street and bongos on the beach, time for ponytails and braids and new haircuts. Things stay open later, people stay out, children stay up. It’s time for marathons and catching up and going home. People will lounge out on lawns, run through the sprinklers, draw chalk pictures on the sidewalk. It is the time of year for fireworks and shenanigans and kisses. It’s almost summer time.

And with summertime comes a few fun things you can (and sometime, have to) do with your garage door yup you herd right your home can be made to look great or crappy based on the look of your garage. There are so many things, in fact, that in honor of May and June, we will spend the next few blog posts discussing all of the awesomeness that can be achieved when one combines sprucing up your garage doors with summer weather and summer spirit.

First off, you should probaby give your garage door a quick wash. Summer heat can do a lot of funny things to a lot of funny substances, so if you have any dirt or grime on the hinges and mechanisms of you garage door, now is the time to remove them.

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